A Song of Wraiths and Ruin: Review

Holy s$&t that was a wild ride.

Don’t be fooled by the famous A of_and this is no COBAB, it is straight FIRE. I received this book from Edelweiss and the publisher in exchange for an honest review and here is the tea: this book knocked me off my feet. I was white-knuckling my kindle, breathing heavily, screaming in wraith.

In this fully realized, immensely lush and intriguing fantasy world, Princess Karina finds herself in a position of power after a tragedy. The thing is, she’s not ruler material and spends most of her time sneaking out of the palace to roam with the commoners. So, now she finds herself desperate and schemes to rectify her situation. This scheme involves taking the heart of a king; a king in which she does not have. But it so happens Solstasia competition is in full form so she offers marriage to the winner. Malik and his poverty-stricken sisters arrive in Ziran just in time for the festival but find themselves caught up with a spirit who kidnaps Malik’s little sister. In order to get her back, he’s instructed to kill the princess. He finds the best way is the enter the competition, get close and save his sister.

ASWAR is one of those books that has me hanging my head in shame, screaming in writer that I could never come close to the world-building skills that Roseanna A. Brown possesses.

Ok sure, Malik and Karina had hardcore Princess Jasmine and Aladdin vibes, but who isn’t here for that? Aladdin was my crush as a girl. A boy with no nipples, smooth chest, and big puppy dog eyes who feeds kids his only meal and owns a monkey. My guy. Malik was my cinnamon roll, my soft yet strong boy, as Karina was my fierce and loyal heroine too root for.

The last 50 pages or so had me having to put Visine in both eyes because I did not blink. I mean, one thing (patsmyselfonback) I actually predicted while the other thing, well, did not. I will be waiting for two and snatching up any book box that includes this book.

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