All These Warriors

A HUGE THANKS to Edelweiss and HMH Books for approving my request to read this book hours after I finished book one.



ALL THESE WARRIORS continues after the betrayal, and death of one of Team Seven's mates. Now under new leadership, Clara and the rest of the team await their next moves into the mystery of MDG and why they're training scrabs. Their mission takes them from London back to the States where Clara must once again face her demons.

ALL THESE MONSTERS blew me away. I absolutely loved Clara. Her past haunted her even as she ran from home to join Greyson's monster-fighting squad. Her healing continues in book two when Julian begins his spiral into, not only abusive ex, but a desperate man unable to break the cycle of abuse. He clings onto the hope that Clara will take him back, which is so cringe-worthy,but also very realistic. As a woman who has dealt with someone like Julian, I applaud Amy Tintera for depicting such a relationship so accurately. But unlike many, Clara gets out of it, realizing her own self-worth and breaking her own cycle. Relationships like this are so important and so rarely seen in YA. Clara is terrified to date again, and her fears are justified, even when motion sick, tattooed, afraid of heights Edan is there, waiting. There's a line from Madison that I may not be quoting correctly, but it goes something like, "You may not need a man, but that doesn't mean you can't want one." And that just made my heart happy.

There's less scrab fighting in this one and more running around trying to solve the MDG mystery and avoiding Julian, but there's also female empowerment and lots of kissing. I truly wish this had only been a book two because I am not ready to leave Team Seven's world. But gosh does it leave it open to another.

PLEEEEEEAAAAASE Amy, write another one!!!

On that note, I am so happy to have found these books and so grateful to have been chosen to review the sequel. ALL THESE MONSTERS is available now and ALL THESE WARRIORS releases in July 2021.

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