ARC-When Light Left Us review


416 pages

Expected publication: February 13th 2018 by Bloomsbury USA Childrens

This is a story of three siblings who get possessed, in a way by an alien parasite. Sounds simple, right?


First off, this story is told by multiple POV’s so if you’re not into that, you can stop here. What I love about this is that you are seeing the story through different ages since the kids range from age seven to almost eighteen. And then you have the mother and the alien toward the end.

The story gave me a definite Spielberg vibe. We have three kids who have very different views of what the alien had done to their bodies and a mother desperately trying to help them the best way she possibly can. This alien “Luz” took young Milo’s ears, Ana’s sight and Hank’s use of his hands.

At first I was a bit confused since the author kind of throws you into it with little explanation. You collect hints along the way, but nothing is fully explained until toward the end of the book. To me, I liked this a lot because it kept me reading and wanting to know what in ever living Hell is going on. Because that is what I said after each chapter. Also this face. O_O

The plot is simple once you break it down. We have three kids trying to live life after this alien invaded them for a summer, coping with their father who had left them and a sort of confusing love life between Hank, who has broken up with his boyfriend in which his sister, Ana falls for, but Hank doesn’t know it and seems to fall for his straight friend who may or may not be gay and I’m over here like, Ana has stars for eyes and nobody seems to question that.

Through all of this, we have this alien who decides he wants to do some more damage which builds up to a climatic ending that had me on the edge. I couldn’t put the damn book down until i knew what happened. I forgot to eat.

All in all, I loved the emotion put into this book which is more than an alien story. it’s a story of coming of age and acceptance and sorrow. There’s something deeper in there that had me dwelling on it after I was done. It’s something poetic. I will probably buy the copy when it comes out.

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