Bone Criers Moon: Review

Thank you Edelweiss and the publisher for the e-arc, but I waited for the Owlcrate edition to review. I mean, they got Charlie Bowater to do this cover and WOW. Also, OC did a great job in sparking it up with sprayed edges and all and I am a sucker for pretty things fight me. Review time. Ah yes, here we have a YA book, that does not feel like every other YA book out there, in the wild! I thoroughly enjoyed this story, its world, and it’s doomed characters. I mean, WTF IS THAT ENDING?? It keeps it open for some FUN, let me tell you. I am so excited to see what happens, but I digress. So, this book was a tad strange because of the first POV, after the prologue is not the love interest as I assumed it would be. That threw me for a loop. There are three POVs, one is Bastien, the son of a victim of the Bone Criers who vows revenge, and the other two are Sabine and Ailesse, two young Bone Criers on the verge of completing their rituals and becoming Ferriers of the dead. The drama starts when Ailesse’s ritual is interrupted by Bastien, who pretends to be her lover that she’s summoned (oh yea, they do this on their ritual nights. Kill the men they lure. Cool right?) Anyhow, Bastien f&^ls is all up by kidnapping Ailesse all the while both of them think they’ve been destined for each other. In turn, doomed to die one way or another. If a Bone Crier doesn’t kill their lover, they both die within the year. Sabine, who hasn’t completed her ritual yet, vows to save her friend all while battling her own family and a bunch of dead people who are unable to cross over because they no longer possess the bone flute. Which Bastien has. Rather, his ex-girlfriend Jules has. Yea, the drama is REAL you guys. There is so much to this book that, by you reading that long-winded paragraph above, probably have no idea what I’m talking about. Is she talking out of her butt again? Yes, ma’am and good sir I am. Anyhow, if you want a unique magic system (did I mention the Bone Criers get powers from dead animal bones?) WTF I DIDNT. Yea, that happens too. Ok so, dead animal bones, angry dead people, vengeful hot dudes with sharp jawlines-SHARP JAWLINES- *swoons* This is the book for you.

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