Descendant of the Crane: Review

400 pages Expected publication: April 2nd 2019 by Albert Whitman Company

Look at this cover. I mean, just look at it. Thank you to Edelweiss and the publisher for allowing me to review this title ahead of its release date.

This book amazed me. It was different from anything I have ever read. Although it started out a bit slow for me, after I got past that bit, I could not put it down. Obligations caused me to take longer reading this one than usual, but I am sort of glad. I got to savor it.            

This story follows Hesina as she is thrust into power after the death of her father. The mysteries of his death plague her so she takes up the responsibility of finding out what really happened. After meeting with a sooth, whose magic is outlawed, she is told to seek a representative by the name of Akira, who help find whoever, if anyone, killed her father.

Hesina is the strong female protagonist we all dream about. Her path to justice and finding her strengths were incredible. Every character was interesting.

This book was immensely intriguing. Joan’s writing is beautiful and profound and hit every emotion through the book. Usually I have more to say since I find negatives within plots as well as positives, but I cannot think of any for this one.This was a great experience and I am so glad to be able to tell people about it so they can add it to their TBR as soon as possible, if it isn’t already due to this gorgoues cover and blurb.

Joan He is going to be one to watch for future books. We need more stories like this.

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