Eva Evergreen-Semi-Magical Witch

For such a long time I wished that someone would write a book sorta like Kiki’s Delivery Service; a book similar to the magic I felt watching it for the first time, but not so close as to be a carbon copy. THIS IS THE BOOK, EVERYONE!!!

Eva is semi-magical which causes a ton of problems. She’s almost not even let in the Novice Witch trial and to top it off, she ends up in a town she may not even know is hers. Because you see, to complete her quest to become a Novice, she ust stay in a town for one full moon and prove that she can do good there. When Eva lands in Auteri, she discovers more than just a pretty coastal town. She finds heartbreak and loss that even her repair affinity magic cannot fix. Along with her newfound friends, she preps the town for a storm that could cause major damage is left to its own devices. Will her small magic be enough to stop it?

Reading this book put me right into a Ghibli film. If you follow my review you know that when I say that, I am probably going to give the book a high rating because of GHIBLI. The world that Julia Abe created took her child in me and brought her back to a time in her life where everything was magical and fun and amazing. I won’t compare this to Kiki anymore than I have to because it does Eva Evergreen a disservice. This book has set its self apart and in all the right ways.

The writing was easy to follow and super descriptive enough for us to fall into Eva’s magical world. The side characters who help her along the way hold their own. I’d rec this book to anyone looking for a Ghibli inspired middle-grade or anyone looking for a witch book with heart.

The only thing I did not like was the ending and that probably brought it down a star. But shoot, you know I’ll pick up the second book in a heartbeat.

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