Everless review


368 pages

Published January 2nd 2018 by HarperTeen

The entire YA fantasy genre is filled with either female protagonists with magic they don’t know about or magic they develop. I am trying desperately to steer clear of these tropes, but….this cover though. ❤

I wanted to love this book. I wanted to love Jules and her father as they slog through a world run with time as their currency. It’s a cool concept and world, but had me confused for about half of the book. I hate when I feel as though books remind me of other books (before you say it, I know there are NO original ideas anymore, but at least when a plot is similar, the characters and situations differ), but sadly this one crushed Red Queen with some Ember in the Ashes and a few others and I couldn’t get past it.

That is not to say I didn’t enjoy reading it. I did. The writing was good except for some info dumps and confusing backstories. Jules was sort of dry and I admit that I do enjoy romance, but this one was lacking in that department.

Here’s the break down: Jules goes to work at Everless to pay off her father’s debts despite his warnings to stay away from the palace AND the queen both. She ignores all warnings which pissed me off. She came off like such a smart gal with a head on her shoulders, but she put herself into some stupid situations for reasons that were not even justified. Thus is the YA fantasy i suppose.

I feel like there was potential that was missed, characters that could have developed a little better and plot-lines that could have been scratched. I hope others enjoy it more than I did.

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