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Expected publication: December 31st 2018 by HarperTeen

Thanks to Edelweiss for providing me with an e-arc. This in no way influences my review

She came off like such a smart gal with a head on her shoulders, but she put herself into some stupid situations for reasons that were not even justified.” Me, from my review of EVERLESS.

Nothing has changed since then.

I had so many problems with Everless, and I am not sure why I opted to read the sequel. Maybe because the ending was all right and maybe things would get a little better. Here we have Jules on the run after Caro did her evil deeds and the like. She makes some idiotic choices, which happen just for dramatic effect it seems. She does nothing of any consequence. She is dry, and her internal monologue is just how she needs to do this and that and never does it. Instead, she does other mundane things that make zero sense. I was really thinking it was going to turn into the queen of dry protagonists, Mare Barrow from The Red Queen, but Jules teetered but did not fall into that Mare-wannabe trap. Good job, Jules. That’s one thing you got right.

The romance was expected and as exciting as a hair in your butt crack. Unless you like pulling hairs from your crack. In that case, think of something else really annoying and awful. The characters came and went with no real effect on just about anything. The blood currency that actually made Everless a bit interesting had little impact on the story at all. The worldbuilding is almost nonexistent. They go here and then there in no time at all. It all seemed so muddled and rushed.

It this had been a trilogy, perhaps it would have worked better for me.

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