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322 pages

Published August 28th 2012 by Knopf Books for Young Readers

Okay, so, the concept isn’t new to me. Boy (or girl) wakes up in a new body and doesn’t know what in damnation is going on. I am coming off of watching YOUR NAME, an anime with a similar plot-line. Or so I thought.

Every day sets itself a part because the protagonist, “A” wakes up in a NEW body every day, not the same one, not even his own body on the same day like Before I Fall. He has to access the new person’s memories and go about his day in his new body. The thought gave me anxiety.

The writing style was great to read. It was almost effortless. The book goes into such detail as “A” ends up in so many different types of bodies. Different as in different races, sexuality, religion, and even into one dealing heavily with mental illness.

Funny time: It sure put the real is magical realism.

Laugh with me.

Okay, plot wise it was great. “A” falls for a girl while in her boyfriend’s body. Basically he spends the book trying to be with her via these bodies and it’s not working out quite as well as he hoped. Not only that, the last boy’s body he was in, decides that while “A” was in it, he was possessed by the devil threatening to expose “A” affliction. So, he’s delaing with a person he can never truly be with and making more trouble than he needs to while in other people’s lives. It’s heartbreaking and strange at times, but I give “A” credit. His (or her??) effort is top notch.

I found myself excited for every new chapter. Who is he going to be next? The question had me glued to my Kindle. Bravo, Mr. Leviathan, I missed lunch because of you!!!

Closing thoughts, I loved this book. It had it’s little issues with the whole love at first sight thing, but otherwise it had me hooked from page one.

This is my first time reading a book by David Leviathan, but it’s not going to my last.

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