Feather: Review

The author provided a free copy of the book for review purposes.

Ok, so wtf? I wasn’t expecting to get my mind blown, but here I am cleaning up the mess that is my heart and brains because this book was everything I wanted in a paranormal romance and more. Slow burn romance. Steamy love scenes. GAH!!!

I should have expected it. I absolutely loved the author’s Boulder Wolf series. If you haven’t read those yet, DO IT.


Leigh is an angel who takes on a difficult mission to complete her wings. Propelling this is the urge to marry above her station. But her mission isn’t any old sinner. It’s one of the worst of all, a triple number sinner named Jarod Adler. If she succeeds, she will gain the feathers she needs to ascend. So, off she goes to France where she infiltrates Jarod’s business and eventually finds herself falling for him.

I absolutely loved Leigh’s journey from hardcore focused angel to confused and screw it all badass. Up until a certain point, she knows exactly what she wants and then it all goes to hell. Seeing her turmoil as she loses feathers for some sinning of her own to protecting a sinner was so fun that I devoured this book in less than two days.

The side characters and the world-building clenched a five star from me. I loved the earthly setting of France since it’s one of my favorite places in the world and the angelic heavens and the way the angels travel.

This ultimate story of forbidden love left me begging for more. I am so happy it’s going to be a series.

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