Girls of Paper and Fire: Review


336 pages

Expected publication: November 6th 2018 by Jimmy Patterson Books

Thank you to Edelweiss for providing the E-ARC.

WARNING-This book contains sexual abuse, abusive language and the death of an animal (sad face)

I have to be honest, I wasn’t expecting much from this book. The plot reminded me a lot of a mix between The Hundredth Queen, The Selection and other books with plots that involve girls being chosen as companions to a royal. But from the very first pages, I knew I was in for something unique.

Lei is chosen as a Paper Girl, a sort of courtesan to the Demon King. She goes, but not without a fight. Soon after arriving she realizes she must play the part if she wants to survive. But that’s hard to do when you begin to develop feelings for a fellow Paper. She doesn’t hide her emotions well, which causes major issues with the king, who is basically a rapist, so trigger warning there, everyone.

To quickly give a summary about the world, which was inspired by Malaysia much to my delight. There are the demon Moon castes which are hybrid animals people, the Steel Caste which is the middle ground and then paper which has no demon qualities at all.

The writing, the world-building, and the characters were all on point. Though, I have to say the plot kind of took a 360 at one point, making the first half drag a bit and seem sort of pointless. But it all came together and didn’t jarr me too much.

If you’ve been dreaming of an Asian inspired fantasy with a “love, despite the world falling apart around us” theme and girl power, this is the one.  I seriously hope a book sub box does this in November because I cannot wait to stroke the beautiful cover like the weirdo I am.

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