Ignite the Stars: Review

It is really, REALLY hard to get good sci-fi nowadays. This was a sleeper hit. WHY ARE YOU ALL SLEEPING ON THIS?

This story follows Ia, Brinn, and Knives so three povs. Ia is a teenage assassin (think Throne of Glass) who is captured and sent to a military academy where she meets timid half-Tawny (a discriminated group of people) Brinn and Flight Master, Knives.

This book takes its time with the romance and the warming up to friendship between Brinn and Ia. The romance was kind of a throwaway, but it’s the friendship aspect this story shines on. The character arcs for each are the highlight of this book. They do so much growing and learning from each other that I wished it were like that in real life.

The political aspect of the novel mirrors real life, though. There’s unapologetic racism, the celebration of “fake news”…it was all too familiar.

Overall, I enjoyed this book. The only thing I wished I had more of was Ia’s backstory. It felt a little thrown together when we first meet her and jarred me a bit. Otherwise, I cannot wait for the sequel!

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