Leia, Princess of Alderaan review


Hardcover, First Edition, 409 pages

Published September 1st 2017 by Disney Lucasfilm Press

Let me start out by saying that this is my first Star Wars book and I am a little embarrassed because I am a huge SW fan. But, hey, everyone has to start out somewhere.

This book follows Princess Leia who, at sixteen, has to complete three challenges to delare her claim to the throne of Alderaan. The Challenge of the Mind, Body and Heart. This is all set before the events of A New Hope.

I love this because we get to see how strong Leia is and how she became that way. She sits in on Senate meetings, makes allies in her peers and experiences her first love and bout of grief. This sets her hope for the actions she takes in obtaining the plans for the Death Star. There are even clues in there of the rebellion of Saw Gerrarra who you see in Rogue One.

If you’re looking hard enough, you can even spot R2-D2 😀

It was a little bittersweet to read, knowing what happens to Alderaan, but it was cool to see the relationship between Bail and Breha who adopted Leia. I kept finding myself hoping for some hints as to her lineage and we do see some, but you have read between the lines.

Basically, this is the setup for how bad-ass Leia becomes. Claudia Grey paints a picture of a determined, courageous young girl who will soon grow to lead a rebellion.

All in all, this is a typical YA novel, with a little romance and some puzzle solving for our protagonist. Even if you aren’t a big SW fan, you may even enjoy this. For myself, I am ordering all of Claudia’s other books in the SW realm and wondering why in Hell my TBR pile grew to the ceiling.

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