Lost Carnival: Review

Thank you NetGalley and DC Comics for the e-arc. I have to admit, I am a late bloomer when it comes to the DC comic world. I’ve only recently got into comics for about three years now which is strange since my brothers are both great comic artists and they always had tons of them around when we were kids. That being said, I went in with a clean slate and an open mind. LOST CARNIVAL is Dick Grayson’s origin story or at least part of it. The events of this comic and subsequent volumes (I hope) are based before he lost his parents and became Robin alongside our favorite bat with the abs. We see him as an angsty teenager with a yearning for a life outside of the circus. He meets Luciana, a player in a nearby carnival that puts him in awe and suddenly he’s thrust into a world of magic and love. This comic is drawn in a monochromatic fashion, which to my surprise, I liked. I am more of a vibrant color person, but this book, along with the superb writing, drew me in like no other. I loved how the color tone changed with the mood. I swear some of those boards had me in near tears. Overall, I loved it. I cannot wait for the next installment.

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