My Lady Jane review


491 pages

Published June 7th 2016 by HarperTeen

Friend: “Hey, can you recommend a book? I’m in a reading rut.

Me: *rubs hands together manically* “Are you ready to get mind blown? Because this book will shatter your brain.”

This review is about a queen, a horse, and a frying pan.

I’m not kidding. it really is.

Okay, so this is loosely (and I mean LOOSELY( based on the nine day reign of Jane Grey after the death of her cousin, Edward. The narrators make it known that they are apologetic to England for what they’re about to do to their history. Before you start reading, make sure you

1. Have a sense of humor and make sure it’s intact.

2. Make sure nobody else is around unless you want them to think you’re insane because of your constant snickering at the story.

3. Keep your horse close by and feed him lots of apples. He loves you. And apples. He also may be a man in disguise.

So, here it is:

People can turn into animals called Eðians. Yes, you heard me right. ANIMALS. Thus the quarrel of the story. Edward had no male heirs so he leaves the crown to his cousin. Not only that, he marries her off to Gifford Dudley, who just so happens to shift into a horse. Every day. At the same time without fail. He thinks he’s cursed because he can’t control his shifting. Jane, is indifferent. Jane likes books better than she likes people thus Jane is my hero. Heroine? No matter.

We get three different POV’s in this story. Edward, Jane and Gifford (call him G!). The minute I started the book I was thrown off by the Eðians and the idea of tossing such magic into history, but then I realized what I was reading. I was also intimidated by the size of the book, but it went really fast. Mostly because I couldn’t put it down. Like, I really couldn’t. My hand cramped and I was afraid.

All in all, this book was a trip. Like a, WTF AM I READING, type of trip. I have the sequel ready and waiting, and I cannot wait to see what they come up with next.

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