Roar Review


380 pages

Published June 13th 2017 by Tor Teen

Let me just say first off that I LOVED THIS BOOK!!!! I bought it on my Nook (at the time I read it last year) but I went on to buy the hardback after.

So, at first I was a little standoffish. The book starts off with a usual YA trope, a princess Aurora who is a timid girl about to marry a guy she’s really unsure of. She’s been isolated in her castle and has to marry this guy Cassius to save her kingdom. It has a bit of a Titanic feel to it. But that is where it stops. You see, Aurora is void of any magic and nobody can know. It’s nice to read a book where the ones without magic are the ones shunned.

That being said, she says, “eff this mess” and runs away making me think that she’s not as weak as thought she was. She links up with a rogue band of “storm hunters” who are all pretty awesome especially Locke, who has a more than one secret to keep. He started off a little aloof, but he grew on me. I like the slow burn romance and how it wasn’t overly done. It kept the focus on “Roar”.

What I loved about the book was the magic, it was really different from other books I have read. This is going to sound weird, but I like weak characters who find their strength. I mean, not everyone starts off life being awesome. We have to work at it, you know 😉

I like to have seen more of Cassius.

What I can say is that I finished the book feeling good and excited for the second.

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