Seven Deadly Shadows: Review

How many of you want a demon-filled, Seven Samurai/anime/manga/Miyazaki inspired fantasy? If less than all of you don’t raise your hands, I’m coming over there and slapping some sense into you. You don’t know what you want, so let me tell you.

SEVEN DEADLY SHADOWS is about our girl Kira, who is one of those strong and confident heroines, as she battles demons who attack her shrine in modern-day Japan looking for an ancient artifact. Alongside, Shiro, who s half fox and half boy mind you, they discover that the only way to beat the demon-lord and find the missing pieces of an ancient sword, they must enlist the help of seven shinigami (death gods) to aid the impending war.

This book read like I was watching an anime. The demons and ghosts that only Kira can see, as well as the fantastically grotesque monsters, were something out of a Miyazaki flick. There were absolutely no dull points I can think of. Every page was magical. If you have been following my reviews, when a book reminds me of Miyazaki, you can expect five stars. I’m just that easy to please.

The romance took a backseat, which was nice. Kira had a head on her shoulders and was not easily thrown aside against those who thought her weak. She relied heavily on those she loved and used their power to strengthen her. I love heroines who are goal-oriented, who have heart and emotions, and who are not afraid to take chances, and that is Kira rolled up in one neat package. We need more like her. Please.

I feel the one thing this book was lacking was food. When I think Miyazaki not only do I think of magic but of the delicious food the animation studio loves to makes us drool over. This was just my WANT, and it did not affect the rating. Clearly.

If you want a book rooted in Japanese culture and mythology and filled with an homage to Seven Samurai, this is your book.

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