Sherwood: Review


496 pages

Expected publication: March 19th 2019 by HarperTeen

Thank you to Edelweiss and HarperTeen for the E-ARC


When this was first announced, I nearly leaped out of my living room window in pure excitement. Because that is how I prove my joy. By jumping from things and also eating lots of Fritos. When Edelweiss approved my request to read this in advance, I googled what the tallest building near me that I could climb was. You know so I could jump.

I was confident that I would love this as much as I loved HUNTED. I was so confident that I started reading this on vacation, which I reserve for fascinating reads to get my vacation mood flowing continuously. Alas, I am disappointed to say that it did not live up to my expectations.

This story is about Marian who, after the death of Robin, takes up what she believes is his noble deed. At first, I liked her character. She grieved for Robin and seemed to give a big, fat middle finger to anyone pushing her into something she didn’t want to do. She yearned to find her strength and break free of how society saw her. But then she slowly became a Mary Sue, a special snowflake if you will. I stopped rooting for her at some point near the second half of the book and cared mainly for the Merry Men. Little John mostly. He was cool. The horse was too.

It wasn’t all bad. It just didn’t go in the direction I expected it to.

AND WHAT WAS WITH THAT ENDING???? I was scowling. Disgusted. Aghast.  I mean, what was all of this for just to have her end up with this A-HOLE?? I may be alone in thinking that this ending was all wrong. All wrong. I am tempted to rewrite myself, so I stop scowling.

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