Ship It: Review


384 pages

Published May 1st 2018 by Freeform

For fans of Queens of Geek, Eliza and her Monsters, Fangirl and Geekarella, this book is for you.

Thank you to NetGalley for the e-arc.

Meet Claire. She writes fanfiction about a show called Demon Heart so when she finds out her favorite actors are coming to her home state for a convention, she races for the chance to go. Using her platform, she asks the show’s writer and actors whether they think the two main characters, Smokey and Heart are romantically involved (which is mostly what she writes her fanfiction about) and is sad to learn that Forest, the actor who pays Smokey is less than enthused about the subject of his character being gay.

Meet Forest. He got his big break in Demon Heart and has dreams of becoming a big actor, playing a lead in a movie based on one of his favorite video games. After causing steam after Claire’s question at the convention, he is even more disappointed to find that she’s coming along for the convention tour.

Claire and Forest both grow as characters. Claire isn’t so sure that she’s queer, even when she falls for a girl she met while touring with the show and Forest needs to tone down his ego and border-line homophobia. These two are great in their banter and their growth as people and eventually friends.

What I loved:

The fandoms

The character arcs

Supportive and funny parents

Great inner dialogue

The diversity

Satisfying ending

I cannot wait to buy it when it releases.

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