Song of the Current review


373 pages

Published June 6th 2017 by Bloomsbury USA Childrens

I started off 2018 with nothing but adult reads because I was growing tired of the same old YA that’s floating around. Girl has magic powers, doesn’t know it or does and needs to learn to use it blah blah blah. Then if I read the first, I’m dedicated and HAVE to read the series, if there is one…which there probably is. That being said, I was happy to find that this one dealt very little with magic. +1 point so far.

So, the heroine Caroline is the daughter a wherry boat captain who deals in smuggling goods. From the first chapter you can see how capable she is. She sometimes borders of the Mary Sue, a very thin line, but doesn’t quite get there so rest assured. She can handle herself just fine.

Basically, I really loved her.

What happens is she takes on a cargo that turns out to be a boy. No surprise there. What did surprise me was how annoying the boy was and how much Caroline agreed with me. There’s a serious love/hate there going on.

There’s a ship after her and her “cargo”  Of course, but we need that to steer the plot along. Turns out cargo boy is someone of high importance which turns the trip into something a little more dangerous than Caro expects.

The story was well paced, save for all the ship talk which had me skipping paragraphs. I did love all the characters and the ending was satisfying. I am fairly certain this is a stand-alone which is what drew me in to begin with.

The cover is pretty btw. I keep stroking it when nobody is looking.

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