The Arrival of Someday: review

Hardcover Expected publication: July 23rd 2019 by HarperTeen

Thank you to Edelweiss and BIG FAT thanks to HarperCollins for always entrusting me to review their e-arcs.

Let me preface this by telling you all how much of a sucker for punishment I am. I have read, not one, but two books involving fatal diseases and illnesses, but this one…this one took me to a whole new level of sadness, and hope.

What is it about?

This story follows Amelia Linehan, a passionate eighteen-year-old who’s into roller derby, drawing, and hanging out with her best friend, Sibby. But behind the scenes, she suffers from a rare liver disorder that could someday affect her life more than it already has. After that someday arrives, she gropes with the growing fear of dying while waiting for a liver transplant. It takes Amelia time to realize her limitations and to grow, even as she and everyone around her, comes to terms that a liver may not come in time.

This is the third book I have read by Jena Malone and by far my favorite. Amelia is a flawed character and not just because of her illness, but because she hasn’t quite grown into herself. At eighteen, nobody has, but it seems as though she’s been put on the fast track and this causes tension with friends and even family. I loved that the romance did not take center stage for a change and we got to know Amelia without having the distraction of a boyfriend. Also, the roller-derby aspect was entertaining.

The end took me by surprise. I think I’m used to reading books like these and having one thing happen and not the other (I won’t say much as not to give anything away) But after reading the author’s notes, I see why she ended it the way she did.

All in all, I enjoyed this book. I think I’m going to pick up something a tad more lighthearted before I dissolve into tears.

To anyone wanting to read this or currently reading it, read the author’s note, and if you haven’t signed up to be an organ donor, please do it. There are several links there to guide you to the right places.

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