The Fever King: Review

376 pages Expected publication: March 1st 2019 by Skyscape

So, I had no idea I needed this book in my life until I began reading up on it, via the author, on Twitter. Chock-full of diversity, and a dystopian society that didn’t feel cookie cutter? Sign me up. Sign me the eff up right now.

So, I got this book via Kindle First Reads, and dove right in like a sweaty girl on the Fourth of July. What I noted first was how character driven the book was. I cared for Noam as if he were my son. That was how I knew I had to take care of him. Nothing bad will come to you while mama is here, Noamsy, don’t you worry!!! But I am not the author, and bad things do happen to poor Noam. After surviving a viral illness, he wakes up with superpowers and is immediately inducted into an elite academy to begin training. There he meets an array of kids like him, including Dara, who is one of the most troubled and captivating characters I have read in a long time.

What I loved:

This book made me love these characters. I felt their pain, their misery, everything. The writing was perfection. Enough said there. The plot was unique. Diverse cast. (A Jewish, bi, latino? Get out of my diversity dreams) It crushed my soul into a million pieces.

What I did not like: How Victoria Lee crushed my soul into a million pieces. But pain is gain. I got this.

On a serious note, this book legit lived up to my expectations. It surpassed them. Shot right out of the sky. I wished the entire series was uploaded to my Kindle right now, Netflix style, but alas I shall suffer with the masses. I mean, this book put me through the wringer, emotionally


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