The Guinevere Deception: Review

Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for the e-galley!

Arthurian myths are my jam. They are so much my jam that I have been writing a YA reimagining for the last two years (I’m going to finish it, I swear). That is why I was iffy to read this mostly because I was bitter that somebody got a King Arthur retelling out before me and also because I was scared that it was similar to what I was writing and I would be soooooooo sad and if I published mine people would be all, ehhh she copied Kiersten White. Wow, rambling over.

This book was great. It follows, “Guinevere, the daughter of Merlin, who is sent to protect King Arthur. Theirs is not a marriage of love, but a necessity. Guinevere has magic, which has been banned from Camelot alongside Merlin, so she has to hide it. After a while, we find out the truth of why she’s been sent to Camelot, as well as discovering her feelings for Arthur, and his nephew, the dark and mysteriously hot Mordred.

GAH. Ok, so I flew through this book because my Netgalley approval happened four days before the book’s release. There were some aspects that I loved, which were sweet cinnamon roll Arthur and Darkling-like Mordred. The city of Camelot was a dream, and I simply loved being in this world! There were also things that could have been a bit fleshed out, such as Guinevere’s past. I could have also used some signs of the times, such as clothing and food that went with the setting and period. I also felt a bit cheated at the end. I had so many questions from the beginning that never got answered, and now I have to wait a whole year for the next book. BOOOO BUT THAT TWIST THOUGH.

Let me touch upon the romance. I LOVED IT ALL: the sweet moments and the secret looks. I WAS DYING. I need some fanart of Mordred because I have this unhealthy obsession with bad boys that kiss like wild animals, and I CANNOT HELP IT. The fact that these romantic aspects were sorta slow burned also delighted me. There is no insta-love, and the female friendships are spot on amazing.

I pretty much adored this book, and I vowed to hold back on my book box subscriptions for the rest of the year, but I may have to renew a particular one to get this book.

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