The Hazel Wood: review


368 pages

Published January 30th 2018 by Flatiron Books

Disclaimer: This book was not for me and I’m about to drop some truths as to why.

Usually when there’s a ton of hype, it kind of turns me off from books and my expectations are really high at that point. Nonetheless, I do end up enjoying hyped books, so this is not true for all.

So, Alice and her mother bounced from home to home, wanderers if you will, always feeling as though something was nipping at their heels. She grew up on fairy tales-her grandmother was the author of a very rare anthology of them-and suddenly the fairy tales start coming to life when her other disappears and she enlists the help of a random boy, Ellery, to help find her.

Stay away from the Hazel Wood, her mother once said.

Yea, right.

It took 200 pages for something to happen. I’m not even lying. When the action finally did begin it was like a whirlwind and I was jarred trying to keep up.The imagery was creepy and I loved it, I just didn’t know why it was moving so fast. Well, I guess I do…because until 200 pages NOTHING HAPPENED.

I could not get connected with Alice. She wasn’t the type of protagonist I would cheer for. She’s unnecessarily mean and I guess when you read the end you kinda know why, but why make me wait?? UGH

So, the real reason why I cold not get into this book was that it reminded so, so, so much of Half World which was the inspiration for Miyazaki’s Spirited Away. When books remind me of other books that I simply LOVED, I cannot seem to get past it and that’s a Celia thing.

Honestly, this is a case of good cover/bad book for me.

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