The Other Side of Lost review


320 pages

Expected publication: August 7th 2018 by HarperTeen

Mari is an a social media queen. She makes with deals with companies and shows off their clothing in yoga videos and posed photos in bikini’s. She even takes photos of her food with inspirational hashtags. She thrives on likes and comments. Sounds cool, right? It does, if it all wasn’t so fake.

On her eighteenth birthday, Mari breaks down after thoughts of her late cousin and realizes how incredibly fake her life is compared to the one Bri had lived. So, she takes up Bri’s plan of hiking 211 miles on the John Muir Trail in an effort to find herself again.

Filled with loads of doubt but equal loads of determination she sets out with zero experience, meeting friends along the way.

To touch upon what other have said, the social media aspect disappears because that was the way Mari wanted it. She didn’t want to exist online any longer. That was the entire point of the book that I think people missed. This is a story about a girl going out into the world for, maybe, the first time ever and finding who she truly is. I think some of us need to do the same once in a while.

I stayed up until 2 am last night finishing this book. Mari’s character arc was the stuff of perfection. I pictured myself on that trail and thinking, I could  never do that and then reading how she did and regretting I even thought that to begin with. I thought, crap, that is the premise of the book. Doing something you think is impossible despite your fears.

So she did.

I am so happy I got to read this book thanks to Edelweiss and I am so sorry the rest of you have to wait until August for it. I pre-ordered it regardless. I hope you like it as much as I did.

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