The Ravenous review


299 pages

Published September 26th 2017 by Harlequin Teen

What the Hell did I just read?

The story is about five sisters with an army dad and a depressed mom. One day on young Rose’s birthday, she accidentally dies. Their mother then takes her body and leaves, telling the girls that she knows what to do to bring her back.

I’m over here thinking, holy crap, there’s going to be some zombie stuff happening real soon.

Well, Rose returns and holy batman balls, SHE IS ALIVE, albeit a little pale and confused. She can’t stomach any food and she’s acing real strange. She only eats this stew their mother cooks which turns out not to be the meat you and I eat if you know what I mean.


It’s human meat.

Well. their mother abandons them and the sisters quickly realize that Rose is going to either die again or eat them all unless they do some killing of their own. Basically these girls plan out and execute some murders to feed their hangry sister. If you think that is when all goes to Hell, you’re grossly mistaken.

Gross, get it?

Wellllllll, I loved this book and boo to all those who thought negatively about it. It was delicious fun and a treat from all those tropey YA’s I’ve been reading lately. Give me more of this.

I am off to read what else Amy has to offer me.

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