The Smoke Thieves: Review


400 pages

Published May 1st 2018 by Viking

First off, this book was not 400 pages. It was 531 some odd pages so don’t believe the lies.

Second off, this book has five POV’s. Count them with me. FIVE. Though multiple POV hasn’t turned me off in the past, this one almost did. Even though I bought the book and was holding in my trembling hands, asking myself WTF I got myself into.

530 pages

Okay, so when a book is compared to Game of Thrones, I used to find myself squealing like a little piggy. Each and every time though, the book has disappointed me. Maybe because it was marketed incorrectly or maybe nothing can be compared to GoT. Fight me.

I am going to go with what I didn’t like first:

Too many POV’s. It didn’t have to be that way.

A tedious plot where nothing happens for quite some time and when it does, it’s jarring.

Too many POV’s.

The demons and the smoke could have had a bigger bearing on the story than they did.

The ending was too abrupt and so clearly set up for a sequel.

What I liked:

Great writing

Awesome cover

That I probably could have stopped at page 300 and got the gist of it

Somehow I felt myself hooked and even though I finished this two days ago, I can’t figure out why. I mean, the characters were well fleshed out save for Ambrose or whatever, he was boring AF and the love between him and the princess Catherine didn’t seem too believable. But that was all right because it didn’t really need it. Especially for her character arc. March wasn’t any better. I think the only character I truly loved for the gay rep and the Arya Stark wannabe, Tash, who is a demon hunter and you can’t really go wrong there.

I don’t know. I mean, I might read the second one only because I am anxious to see what happens. Please don’t let it be as long as this one. I swear I lost muscle tone and gained some cataracts while reading this book.

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