The Tiger at Midnight-review


496 pages

Expected publication: April 23rd 2019 by Katherine Tegen Books

A huge thanks to Edelweiss and Katherine Tegan Books for allowing me an advance copy of this book to review.

This book drew me in from page one. But after reading more, I almost set it aside for next month. This was not because the story was terrible, but because I got some book mail and had other books that were higher on my Setempber reading list. But after reading one of those books and about to move on to another, I got the nagging feeling that leaving this book waiting and unfinished wasn’t going to fly, so I went back to it and finished the last 400 pages in less than a day.

This story is told by two POV’s. Esha, a rebel assassin and Kunal, a dutiful soldier. Their paths cross one night and take their lives in a direction neither anticipated. Along the backdrop of an Indian inspired fantasy world, we learn of betrayals, secrets, and an exciting game of cat and mouse as Kunal hunts Esha across the land for the death of his uncle. They are two incredibly different people who bond over their past and realize their futures were not as they imagined them to be.

First off, I LOVE enemies to lovers. I’m sorry, but I’m not. Kunal going on a wild goose chase after Esha and having her slip from his grasp over and over did me in. I loved every second of it.  The slow burn romance and the fact that Kunal is a soldier falling for assassin just so swoon-worthy. Esha is cool and all, but KUNAL IS MY BOY. Skilled, strong and a little in touch with his emotions. Yes, yes and yes. And, MY GOD, he loves to paint. MY BOY IS A SOLDIER WHO LOVES TO PAINT. Just kill me now because I am already dying in love with him. GIVE ME BOOK TWO NOW.

Anyhow, deep breaths, I am upset at how early I read this book because it doesn’t come out until April of next year and that means I have to wait longer for the second book. All that depression aside, fans of Ember of the Ashes and Onyx and Ivory will love this book. I loved it. And I will probably name my second born Kunal. Thanks, Swati.

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