The Wicked King: review

wicked king

336 pages

Expected publication: January 8th 2019 by Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

Thank you to Little, Brown Books and Edelweiss for the opportunity to review this title. All opinions are my own and not of the publisher or author.

The month is July 2018, and I just finished The Wicked King in less than 24 hours. This book was so good that I’m thinking about rereading it. I also pre-ordered it. Because obsessed. Because Holly Black is the breaker of hearts and taker of my money.

So, Jude is as tough as she was in book one. She takes the stage alone with Aelin and Feyre in terms for bad #$@ery. Though for most of the book she is torn between what is right and what is fair, always seems to follow her heart. She makes mistakes, and pays for them and comes out stronger for it.

We have all the characters from The Cruel Prince making appearances. Vivi, whom I LOVE who is back in the mortal world with Oak, and also The Court of Shadows peeps, Roach, Bomb, and Ghost. There is also Taryn who is still set to marry Locke (seriously hate this guy, and nothing you say will stop me hating him forever and ever)Throughout the entire book it’s like Jude is surrounded by enemies from all angles. Some new and some old, and some betrayals that made me scream at the book. WHHHHHHHHY.

Let me say this so I can get it out of my system. I truly, truly do not like Cardan and probably never will no matter what he does. Jude is an idiot for falling for that face. She knows he’s cruel. She knows he’s not what he appears. Yet she does what she does. Maybe I’m just too protective over her now. I don’t want her to get hurt. MAMA BEAR ALERT. I just don’t see the big deal about them. He is toxic for her, and she deserves far better.

There were so many twists and turns that I could not see where the book was going to go. My only complaint is that I needed to be longer. Regardless, it was addicting, amazing, and excellent in every way. But that cliffhanger….I am so sad that I read this book so darn early. I have to wait so LOOOOOOOOOOONG for the third book.

The world is wicked and cruel.

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