Let me start this review by saying that yes, I am a garbage human being and love triangle whore. I love them more than enemies to lovers, the "stuck in a room with only bed," bit and also forced marriages. I will hold up a sign stating as such on a white posterboard next to the guy with the poster saying, "STOP SAYING PIN NUMBER. IT'S REDUNDANT."

When I first heard about this book, I raced to my emails, gathered my stats, and promptly sent a message to the publisher. My grabby hands were shaking, trembling with anticpation. I could not wait for my NetGalley request to go through. I needed the book NOW otherwise I'd proably die. Lucky for me, I got a reply almost right away with the READ NOW widget and I nearly collapsed. It's a good thing my office has carpeting.

So, we have a both with comp titles such as CRUEL PRINCE and ACOTAR and be still my YA heart, those are comp titles you want to sell a book. I will buy anything when I read those two titles in a synopsis. That being said, after I recovered from getting my immediate READ NOW widget, I dropped (literally dropped) my current read (Crave, I will come back to you before the month ends!), gathered my hot cheetos and dove right in.

We open the story with Brie, who is a thief trying to keep her small family afloat. When her debts become too large, her little sis is sold to the fae. Pushing aside her hatred of the fae, Brie gets herself in the faerie court where she discovers: a secret about a long-time friend (and herself), that she suddenly has magic, and that the fae are manipulative creatures, as well as a little bit hot and charming.

Did I say hot and charming? *fans self*

Yea, so Brie finds herself torn between two princes, each with their own agendas. Who can she trust?

You know a story is good when it overrides your prescription sleeping medication. I was up far too late reading this book. But its one of my preferred ways of falling asleep; right in the arms of my fae lovers.

What we have here is a glowing newcomer into the YA world, rivaling Maas and Black themselves. I seriously cannot get over how fantastic this book was. I mean, I kinda knew, but I still wasn't prepared. I want more!

Ok enough ramblings.

THE WORLD-BUILDING: Amazing. I loved the courts and the human world. I got a clear sense of how drastically different they were. The world of the fae is wicked and scary, and Ryan's writing made them leap off the page. The complex, political intrigue and the magic surrounding almost everything was beautiful and deadly.

There's a 100% chance I'm going to buy every special edition of this book. JS


There are plenty of twists and turns that keep you guessing.

There's also princes with pretty eyes and tattoos.

I love princes with pretty eyes and tattoos.


I loved the emphasis on family. Brie will do anything to get her sister back and I mean ANYTHING. And although her focus may wane at times, she always goes back to her and what she needs to do to get her family back together, safe and sound.


I feel lots of warm things for Finn.

I mean, come on. He's broody, and frowns a lot and I love that in a man. I care so much about him. I didn't want to because my book boyfriend cart is full. I may just have to throw out Kaz. He wasn't the real interest, if oyu catch my drift, but I have a feeling he's going to come in strong in book two. That one scene though where she was...and he was...and he had to....OMG


Brie is determined, fearful but courageous. She's everything I love in a heroine. She may be a human in a fae court, but she holds her own.

Ok, let's talk about the ending. HOLY COW COW.

I've read this book way too early and now I'm going to have to wait for book two even longer. It's not fair. Life isn't fair.

Final thoughts:


If you like fae books and need a change from the usual, this is the one for you. If you like sexy princes, and dark magic and scheming heroines, this is also for you.

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