Tweet Cute: Review

Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for a chance to review this title.

Okay so, this was my absolute favorite contemporary book of 2019.

Let’s start with the meat on this adorable rom-com of a book:

Pepper: she’s the daughter of a family-owned burger empire, excels at school in an almost obsessive way, a swimmer, and loves to bake and runs a blog with her older sister.

Jack: Aspiring app creator, twin, diver, and son of local deli owners.

These two meet in three different platforms. First is the anonymous high school chat app that Jack created where everyone has animal names and nobody knows anyone’s identities. Second is on Twitter when Pepper’s mother decides to roll out a new menu of grilled cheese and confidently names one after Jack’s family’s specialty. Pepper and Jack, unbeknownst to anyone who they really are in real life, find themselves in a Twitter war. Third, they both go to the same school and end up friends after the dive team cuts into the sim teams’ training sessions.

Both kids are equally as obsessed with the Twitter war they rage, even when they discover who each other is in real life and eventually through the chat app.

I loved:

The Twitter war, no matter how petty it was The budding romance between two rivals The subplots into their family dynanimcs The food The morals The pop-culture references GAH DID I SAY THE ROMANCE???

Not a fan of:

Yea, that’s blank. I loved this book for its cheese (quite literally). I cannot wait to see what else Emma Lord has in store for the future. She is one to watch.

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