Under Different Stars review


297 pages

Published December 19th 2013 by Amy A. Bartol


That is how I’m starting this review. L.O.L

This is the story of Kricket (and yes, apparently that is a very strong name) who finds herself in the company of three very hot aliens who tell her she’s a special snowflake that needs to be bought back to her home planet. That’s it.

So, it started out strong despite the info dumping by way of dialogue. Here we find out that seventeen-year old Kricket looks like a super model with lavender eyes that nobody ever questioned. She works under the table, hiding out from Child Services and even tends a bar…again, she’s seventeen. She almost get abducted by some weirdos on a train only to get fully abducted by some weirdos at a bar. One of those weirdos, Trey, is the love interest is burly and sexy and alien…ish and everything you want in a man. Kricket goes along with this like she’d been expecting some dudes to nearly drown her (by way of portal to their home planet duh), oh but not before knocking her out with chloroform. They’re so sweet, aren’t they? No wonder why she falls for Trey.

At that point i’m hoping for some cool ass alien planet, but all I get are these aliens and this blonde chick running through some wastelands and talking about thongs. Sigh. So, then, Kricket finds herself being sought after by two warring factions and getting pulled every which way while faking sex in a shower to fool some fools and I’m just so entertained by that point that I skip my afternoon coffee.

All of these things will make you say, so, you didn’t like it, right? You’re being sarcastic.

Wrong. It was so bad that it was so good and I want the sequels now.


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