Winterfolk review


What can I say about a book that is set in Seattle and told from the perspective of a homeless girl?

First, that is was completely unlike anything I have ever read. I mean, we get this point of view of someone who has never known anything but a tent in the forest. She has only her father as family and the other residents of “The Jungle” who call themselves Winterfolk. Rain is fifteen-years-old. She knows how to read, but not write and keeps a rock garden outside of her tent. Her fiend and protector, King, takes her into Seattle one day for her birthday, the day before their home is to be demolished by the city and sets into motion events that turn into a day of firsts. It will sadden you, make you laugh,and maybe even open your eyes a little.

The supporting characters were colorful and fit well into the story. Basically, I couldn’t put this book down, it was that good. Rain’s narrative that was both magical and innocent drove the story. She has never been exposed to the real world so she incorporates what’s she read into what is around her in order to cope. Again, it’s sad.

I would absolutely love to see what else Janel Kolby does and I will scoop it up so fast I may even accidentally buy two books at once. If you’re reading this, please write more books. We need them. I need them.

Thank you to Edelweiss for the ARC

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